Man, I had APRN on my watchlist, starred up, with the number one stock to look at for the next day. I wake up at 5:30 as usual but with my work schedule , went back to sleep because I was "too tired". Well that back to sleep nap cost me about a 26% gain on my account. Just wake up... Would have traded the first 30 mins, hit my goal and went back to sleep. So frustrated. Instead I made 2% on $INO

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Several chats have blown up by going long big on $GRPN or shorting $INO and CODX these newbies don't understand the risks they take so the markets help show their naivety...harsh but true, the market exposes all weakness if you let it

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Full blow stock market crash day today, possible bounve I'd say too but I'm not taking positions on that just yet, newbies and fakes have been getting blown apart, cash is also a position and my overnight position in $DECN is gapping up nicely too, contrary to people saying you can't predict the market we are 100% perfectly prepared for this market and banking...congrats to $INO longs too

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$420 profit INO Long Stock

Entry comments: This is a strong coronavirus stock breaking out, just got it on a nice 40 cent/share dip off its highs, small position for me since this is VERY choppy/scary, goal is to sell in the 10s somewhere

Exit comments: Whew, sold afterhours into nice spike, this stock is too rich for my blood, congrats to Tim Grittani whose in from $9.20ish and has a much bigger position than my lousy 1k shares...but I'll take my $2,000+ profit day on a day like today any day :)

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MeatHammer13 Mar 05, 4:19 PM

Got back in myself with 3/@9.40 after rookie dumb early in am. But good job

jordanleite Mar 05, 4:27 PM

I was in at 8.30 got out at 9.5 bought back in at 9.58 at the end of the day going to hold overnight.

Windwalzer Mar 05, 5:52 PM

Does this chart count as a double top or would it be a triple top, or none of the above. When you say .40 a share off it's highs that would be the peak at 2:30ish, and you exited after the close? Thank you. Congratulations on the bus and schools.

sanchezr0703 Mar 05, 5:59 PM

I made some profit thanks to your alert. Bought as soon as the alert came out 9.70 sold at 10 made 150 profit. Not a whole lot but I'm glad I made some profit.

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