$420 profit INO Long Stock

Entry comments: This is a strong coronavirus stock breaking out, just got it on a nice 40 cent/share dip off its highs, small position for me since this is VERY choppy/scary, goal is to sell in the 10s somewhere

Exit comments: Whew, sold afterhours into nice spike, this stock is too rich for my blood, congrats to Tim Grittani whose in from $9.20ish and has a much bigger position than my lousy 1k shares...but I'll take my $2,000+ profit day on a day like today any day :)

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MeatHammer13 Mar 05, 4:19 PM

Got back in myself with 3/@9.40 after rookie dumb early in am. But good job

jordanleite Mar 05, 4:27 PM

I was in at 8.30 got out at 9.5 bought back in at 9.58 at the end of the day going to hold overnight.

Windwalzer Mar 05, 5:52 PM

Does this chart count as a double top or would it be a triple top, or none of the above. When you say .40 a share off it's highs that would be the peak at 2:30ish, and you exited after the close? Thank you. Congratulations on the bus and schools.

sanchezr0703 Mar 05, 5:59 PM

I made some profit thanks to your alert. Bought as soon as the alert came out 9.70 sold at 10 made 150 profit. Not a whole lot but I'm glad I made some profit.

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