lost money on all of these... RIP need to just trade patterns I understand and ease into new ones.

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tayhaoxia Mar 30, 5:56 PM

learned your train of thought and how you focus on making a watch list overnight by plays that you alerted before and waiting for the plays to come to you

timcobra Apr 05, 4:53 AM

Thanks Tim, I finally understood from you about, why I exactly need to put big % winners into my post market watchlist. I knew about the pre market watchlist...

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axlk Apr 07, 19 6:44 AM

Thanks Mark

JonathanIParra Aug 27, 19 8:02 PM

be prepared and categorized only in hot sectors , and you missed a nice short on aveo but good stuff

tayhaoxia Jun 18, 3:52 AM

always categorize the hot sector and realize how it can run

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HenryCraig Mar 08, 3:53 PM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

HenryCraig Mar 08, 4:07 PM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

tayhaoxia Jun 19, 12:20 PM

Tim you are insane but these stocks are a little insane too so that is a good match

valksr Jun 27, 2:56 PM

You are insane

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[TimChallenge] MARA is a breakout- I bought at 3.17 and sold way too early at 3.30 but just trying t get my conviction about the patterns. hey 24$ is 24$ bucks right?


[TimAlerts] MARA is already at 3.09 which is above the 1yr resistance. it is considered a bo at this . I have no position in it, but may if it stays up here in the morning and there is any volume

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