$3,750 profit MARK Long Stock

Entry comments: Breaking news tool on STT, FCC approval on former supernova, could be quick, goal is to make 7-15%

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush, maybe it goes more but I took the solid move thanks to the http://tim.ly/breaking news tool on STT that EVERYONE should be using

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Windwalzer Jun 16, 10:26 PM

This one had Breaking News at 11:57 and the chart didn't do anything till 1:16. What do you watch to know when it starts spiking, the chart or watch list or both? Thank you.

RChen Jun 16, 11:19 PM

Thanks. Tim

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Going over Grittani's Multiday break out course. I now know why I lost $200 on the second trade with $MARK, I caught the break out and made 230, the next trade wasnt a new break out, just the stock over extending, and that what I lost 200

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