Received 50 Karmas
chrispham82 Apr 13, 12:30 AM

I would take 2k a day any time of the day. All I need is 3-4 trades a week and spend the rest of the time researching and learning more.

bubbajay May 13, 11:22 AM

2k a day keeps the real job away. don't forget the taxman!

Sailesh May 25, 5:47 PM

2k a day keeps the real job away thanks tim guru

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[TimAlerts] like if CBDS breaks $9 the others will follow.... OWCP could break $0.80 and MCIG could break $0.40 as well be good to keep an eye on them


[TimAlerts] not that much but MCIG OWCP & CBDS been leader has similar patterns this month


[TimAlerts] Checkout the candle at around 3:55PM today for MCIG. Drops nearly 10% then jumps right back up. Then the news comes out 6 minutes later at 4:01PM that MCIG was going to reduce number of shares outstanding by 5 million shares. Ya think MM's wanted those shares that were stopped out for the start of trading tomorrow?? Just a thought.


[TimAlerts] MCIG man that panic dip-buy played out perfectly quick $220 profit :)


[TimAlerts] $CBIS predictable, did not hold on to gains the last green day. just like MCIG and OWCP. hoping to play the bounce in the afternoon or tomorrow


[TimAlerts] @TimothySykes - Use MCIG chart for today's training session. It has it all, crazy volume, breakouts, double tops, breakdowns,etc. Its a chart I will definitely screenshot for my notes. Was in at .21 several days ago and out at .48 today. Triggered my Sykes spidey senses!

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