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rubenfavela Jun 07, 5:57 PM

Thanks Tim, nice way to explain the setup to hold overnight when stock is getting momentum

htrinh Jul 19, 12:30 AM

Thank you Tim!

AMC19GTE Jul 29, 7:15 PM

check the past for spik-ability and remember first green day OTC patterns. Also vice versa if you are waiting for the way down look for first red otc patterns. Not experience enough to short and need a bigger account size to even consider.

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zaraza Jul 28, 18 6:49 AM

Thank You Tim. Always good to review these.

LizLele Sep 09, 18 7:01 PM

"This is why I don't teach dogs" haha. Aha moment was pay attention to what number green day the pattern is on, third green day is too late to start buying.

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tayhaoxia Mar 30, 5:56 PM

learned your train of thought and how you focus on making a watch list overnight by plays that you alerted before and waiting for the plays to come to you

timcobra Apr 05, 4:53 AM

Thanks Tim, I finally understood from you about, why I exactly need to put big % winners into my post market watchlist. I knew about the pre market watchlist...

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timcobra Apr 23, 3:15 AM

Thanks Tim, Its called kratindeng or something like that and actually made me turn into a bull LOL

happyfish89 May 02, 8:27 AM

Love FGD but I am based in Asia so I usually only trade first 1-2 hours in the morning, can't stay up midnight lol

htrinh Aug 02, 6:53 PM

I love first green days thanks Tim

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MKanju Feb 06, 18 8:35 PM

Thanks Mark.I always learn so much from your webinars

ZiggysMom May 25, 18 11:52 AM

Noting volume, volume, volume. Don't overstay your welcome, take profits. Get in a trade at an optimal position, let a stock prove itself. Do not chase overextended stocks, it is not good risk reward.

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Kerry57 Oct 30, 17 6:08 PM

Love the webinars and am impressed and happy for Roland. But studying 17 hours per day is unrealistic, especially for anyone with a job. Even more unrealistic with job + family. Simply not possible. Congrats to Roland though, way to go man--incredibly impressive. Genuinely happy for you.

RockRobster Dec 06, 17 1:33 PM

Good to see some live trading!

zaraza Apr 06, 18 2:06 PM

Thank You Tim

ZiggysMom Jun 11, 18 11:02 AM

Noting that you can't time things perfectly. B/O to new highs, good news, earnings winners, are all good buys but there is no specific rules for the market. Create a plan and stick to it. Focus on big gains. Don't chase anything and use p/m as a guide to what plays may spike. No one trade matters , but the progress overtime is what matters.

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ThePennySqueeze Dec 08, 17 11:24 PM

Everytime you sniff I get an image of you doing a line of coke. lol, great webinar Tim, thanks

RockRobster Jan 03, 18 7:28 PM

If there's a lot of plays, focus on the BIG % gainers.

ZiggysMom Jun 25, 18 11:57 AM

Noting to develop good habits, be meticulous. Be patient, cut losses quickly. Trade the same patterns, focus on patterns that work. Not an exact science.

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VictoriaS Aug 14, 17 9:14 AM

Volume is critical!!! Awesome Webinar - thanks Mark!

ZachR Dec 29, 17 9:24 PM

Volume is critical thanks mark

March Mar 17, 18 8:58 PM

Volume is critical! thx Mark

ZiggysMom Jul 06, 18 12:37 PM

Noting to not chase, but when a stock is up and moving it can still be predictable. Look at past history, and know your r/r. Volume is extremely important. Do not buy near the top of the move. Look at prior run ups.

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