[TimAlerts] $MNOV would normally move nicely from such a event, atleast for a couple sessions. They still probably will have to find ways to finance their operations before they run out of money completely but even though the company is weak, this will strengthen it. The primary reason that this might not effect the stock is simply because of the huge amount of activity in the market at the moment, it may just fall by the waste side


$620 profit MNOV Long Stock

Entry comments: Small buy on this stock that's breaking out intraday and of a multi-month base above 3.40 on puny but still stronger than normal volume, not expecting anything huge, just 20-40 cents/share tomorrow or Wednesday based on insider buys & chart alone, I hate biotechs, but this chart is too pretty to ignore

Exit comments: Got a decent bump up, but no PR like I wanted, just an overnight article from Zacks saying the stock "looks good" zzzzz, will look to re-buy in the 3.40s if it can hold support there or better yet get some more meaningful news, but this is why I kept this speculative position so small, not much of a risk with such a small position

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