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JonathanIParra Aug 15, 19 11:47 PM

thanks huddie, you gave me the insight of the mind of the shortseller, i personally don't like shorting but i learned what you like to play over extended gap downs and you like to always think in probablities and not short randomly which is important to risk of important level of resistance and waiting for these to stocks to crack VTVT was sexy im sorry not !

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[TimAlerts] OGEN thought was last nights swing i passed on it into close but if you are looking for 10% or $0.10 you may get it that $0.90 is the break outpoint $0.75ish support 2:1 ok R/R could be better


[TimAlerts] Banked on OGEN o/n for 0.16$/share! And $MVIS 0.10$/share o/n schedule doesn't allow me to trade more...


[TimAlerts] OGEN 3000 shares o/n at .68 sold half at 1.05 rest at .95. Quick 1000 profit. nice!!

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