-$1,889 loss OSTK Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bough this earnings winner, wanted to wait until the afternoon, but this big drop has me too tempted to ignore, goal is to make 40-60 cents/share again like I did earlier this morning, aim small, miss small

Exit comments: Cut losses after waking up to nasty loss, that's what I get for leaving my position unattended, so much for me having patience, broke a rule and got what I deserved, biggest loss in a while

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jepic Feb 01, 17 8:36 PM

Gotta be honest, when i first subscribed and was completely new (still am just 1.5 months into this.. so that's new), I'd blindly follow you on some trades. Glad I looked at the chart and sat this one out. Exactly what you teach about being self sufficient. On my way!

mhpl Feb 01, 17 11:30 PM

Thanks for sharing

ARLO50 Feb 02, 17 1:11 AM

ty tim for the knowledge pass on. i will take this on go forth. learning is knowledge. and knowledge is power. rock on.

traderchecklist1953 Feb 04, 17 8:57 AM

Thanks and oops. It is like babysitting I suppose. Always be in attentance ; anything can happen in a split moment.

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