WOW $PGSY is now now .089, up nicely from its .05 lows and my dip buy stock from yesterday on ENVV at .165 is now at .234 so enjoy these bounces, but please don't get greedy, it's fine to take profits too soon like I did on these, I'm about to get on flight, we'll see if there's wifi or not, but congrats to all dip buyers here, MEMORIZE the http://tim.ly/dipbuysykes4 pattern

7sonshine Jul 28, 17 1:19 PM

Tim...i am trying REALLY hard to get this......can i trade on profit.ly........how do i get there. ....i don't like ROBINHOOD....they don't do pennystocks.......and limit me as day trader

ColeMartin Jul 28, 17 1:48 PM

Hi, do you find all of these pumps from emails?

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