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aparham11 May 10, 8:47 PM

I want to make a 25% return in an hour!

jgbtrader May 17, 4:40 AM

The more you watch these video lessons, the more you start understanding these patterns.

Tommy_D May 19, 10:28 PM

I want to make 25% in one hour!

JonathanIParra May 23, 3:38 PM

I want to make 25% in one hour . this is fucking beautiful first red day and morning panic . bread and butter yum. i'm learning AND WATCHING THESE 600+ video lessons .

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Nice start to my new small TD Ameritrade account, in at 5.45 out .68, will upload trade as soon as verified is available. Tim alerted the challenge chat with the following: 11:33AMTimChallenge timothysykes [Commentary] POTN bigtime morning panic, potential dip buy here in the mid .50s I noticed the support in the .50s range and grabbed small positions in my IB and new TDAmeritrade accounts, better hold in TDA account, but nice gain for both and help to seeing entry/exit on support/resistance to trade more comfortably and enjoyably. Set risk at .45 and let it sail along for a while.

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JonathanIParra May 25, 7:38 PM

mark , these were all good classic #5 pattern on the daily chart and good breakout plays . but when its getting over extended and you didn't go long on the first green day . it's not worth it going long and could be exciting when the momentum turns. thanks mark for the insight

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