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timcobra Mar 28, 12:57 PM

Thanks Tim, I love Goldman Research and their lack of ethics. By the way I keep seeing this pattern of price increase with increasing volume, then a consolidation brings it halfway down. After this a tight range and then the breakout.

10xtrader Mar 29, 12:45 AM

Goldman we love all of your hot picks, by far the best in the BIZ!!!

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10xtrader Mar 29, 12:39 PM

$586x20 trading days/month=$11,720 or $140,640/year. Be safe and this will change your life!!!!

AMC19GTE Jul 29, 8:18 PM

Strong green days otc ! also look at price action relative to volume in order to determine most predictable price moves, and if it doesn't go your way cut loses quickly.

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[TimAlerts] SHMP 4 pump emails. Interesting product. Disaster financials. Volume low. No price action. May breakout. Watching.

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