Friday, May 21 . . . been out of the market for most of the past week, after having a series of losses last week on $SPY options. Then I switched over to some crypto trades . . . Remember the falling knives? I am getting much better at cutting losses quickly. But, I had a couple yesterday that turned on me quickly and I lingered too long, but still got out. And now with the breaking China news again . . . Whew, glad I am OUT! Time to just sit on hands and wait this one out for a while. In the meantime, booked a quick win on a $SPY option trade out of the gate this morning, only to wipe it out with a really dumbass trade by not paying attention to the VWAP and price level. Sitting at exactly break even, so at least my account did not decrease. Cut losses quickly will save your ass every time! Looks like $SPY is now filling the gap back down to the $415 ish level, we'll see how this plays out today. Time to go for a run and get some fresh air.

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