Today was an utter fucking disaster. I did EVERYTHING completely wrong. After taking a series of small losses, over the past weeks, one small loss after another, I concluded that I just wasn't giving enough time for the trades to play out. Because every time it seemed, as soon as I sold for that small loss, the play would reverse suddenly, and I would see the potential profit that I would have made. So today, I played long AMC, and a $SPY put. AMC started with a pop out of the gate, but then reversed, dropped, leveled out, dropped more, leveled out again, then really fucking dropped. I had added on the way down to bring my average down. But it simply didn't work. The stop losses were triggering causing the stock to tumble more. As I saw my small account quickly dwindling, I had to get out. With a nearly 20% loss. Small loss turned into a disaster. In the meantime, my $SPY put option did the EXACT opposite. As AMC was tumbling down, $SPY started a downtrend, but then suddenly reversed to the up side. I held on, but when $SPY broke through a key resistance point, it was simply game over, and I got out with a 25% loss on that one too. FUCK! I know better. But my emotions got the better of me, HOPING that each trade would reverse and go in my direction. How wrong was I to even consider that. I am so fucking stupid to think that. I have made this kind of mistake over, and over, and over again, causing me to completely lose my account last year, and here I am, doing it all over again.

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