$559 profit SQBG Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this stock with huge news today with Martha Stewart advising the company and them partnering with $6 billion compasny CGC, solid PR too https://tim.ly/2GPVoKI it hit 2.80 premarket but volume was light then, I just want a bounce to the 1.60s or 1.70s

Exit comments: Nice little gain here, it got up to the low 1.60s, but quick drop so I wasn't able to sell into that spike, now volume dropping a bit heading into midday so I'll just lock in gains, potential rebuy on bigger dip or better volume

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Alexthomp22 Feb 28, 19 2:18 PM

I actually got in at the same price ! I will hold for a few days. I will also keep a somewhat tight stop at 1.47 In case it breaks to the downside

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