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Flockstock Jul 22, 10:42 AM

Options strategy builder, comfortable in whatever you decide to use, options need to be liquid, two platforms to tra de options on IB, puts give added leverage over shorting, options llimited profit and loss with options legs, delta =option price relates to stock price.,delta is one the closer it is to stock price, vega =volatility measure, negative vega =bet against volatility, can buy options in the middle if you don't know which direction =straddle

ZachR Jul 23, 9:34 PM

Thanks mr. Goode now I should probably start playing tennis so I can learn to trade stocks better

dmatin Jul 28, 12:45 AM

1:30:50 Absolutely love that you said that.

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ZiggysMom Jul 16, 9:24 AM

Noting Call options are the right to buy a stock for a certain price during a period of time. Put options are the right to sell. Buying options your risk is limited. You can only lose up to the amount you put in. But there is unlimited risk when selling. Options always end on Fridays. There is an options exchange. Strike price is the price you can buy/sell. Be careful of biotech and buyouts as they can cause huge losses on short positions.

ZachR Jul 20, 10:12 AM

Thanks Mr.Goode

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