[TimAlerts] that's jetcom inc. They spiked TONS based on $WMT news, and it's a completely different company. Look up (even Wiki). It's a privately traded company.


[TimAlerts] yeah, but damn, news travels faster than like 4 days lol. i figured if $WMT was going to jump from it, it'd have been thursday, since that was wed news lol


[SuperAlerts] $TLYS..Cheap retail name..$3.5 in cash, reports WED night.. I like the R/R in the name esp given $WMT action..July 7.5 calls showing action


[TimAlerts] $URBN $PERY $AEO all clothing retailers put up good earnings numbers. $WMT put in good numbers also.. these are a little bit more expensive stocks but the method is the same for those interested....futures are down a little and the higher priced stocks can follow the indices a little closer vs. the sub $10 stocks. either way, a good market day could pull these retailers to the upside a good %

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