-$44 loss WORX Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big runner on news of https://tim.ly/3odFk9d as it looks to have found a base in the low .80s, goal is to sell into a bounce in the .90s, not sure if I'll hold overnight

Exit comments: Going nowhere fast s I'm just exiting safely with a small loss...shoulda woulda coulda focused on crypto plays that are coming back nicely today, good lesson for me

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mitnick2 Jul 19, 22 3:45 PM

Wow incredible control of your losses Tim.

User_1610 Jul 20, 22 9:41 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

Windwalzer Jul 20, 22 8:34 PM

I can see why you have to be so diligent at the end of the day just like the beginning. Thank you.

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