[TimChallenge] SS $WRIT pump 1.03, covered .90 will look to re enter, as i think it will spike more, not crashing as 2 weeks ago


[TimAlerts] got the $WRIT promotion email this morning claiming a 'bitcoin deal with$AAPL', not sure if it has any real legitimacy since I couldn't find an article on it but it was enough for an in @ 0.85, out @1.00 gain today, going to hold o/n


[TimAlerts] $WRIT send 13 emails today and did a press release..... 6 before market open (stock crashed from .8 to .58 ) and 7 more just before market close with Apple's name in them ...(stock rose to .83 ) .. wonder what will happen tomorrow ... will it be a grand finale or a one last pump day ?


[TimAlerts] In relation to people who got a pump email on $WRIT in connection with $AAPL... $WRIT did just purchase another company Pandora Venture Capital Corp. Which works in the world of bitcoins and payments with digital currency. Not saying the rumor is true. But that may be something $AAPL would be interested in.


[TimAlerts] $WRIT's subsidiaries: "The Company's subsidiaries are Front Row Networks, Inc. (FRN), Amiga Games, Inc. and Retro Infinity, Inc." might be something deeper into one of them. nothin more yet


[TimAlerts] guys cut the shit. we got 2 huge plays that have huge potential. $BAA and $WRIT........... $BAA technical breakout and a very good catalyst. $WRIT, probrobably shit talk but theyre saying something about apple, and when companies talk about apple its big, as well as its being promoted. tell what you guys think, and best course of action


[TimAlerts] i got an email saying $WRIT is involved in apple pay systems, maybe a huge spike in the coming days (recnt stock promo, maybe theyre trying to bring it back) (this might be one of a king lol, im not a promoter, but giving you guys a heads up)

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