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Entry comments: OTC FGD pattern with a decent catalyst on HIV results. Most Volume its ever had. Looking to swing o/n in hopes of a decent Gap Up in the morning to sell into. Stock trending nicely bullish into the close. Risk off .52, looking for .57-.58 reward pass resistance

Exit comments: My goal was reached, so I took it, didn't want to risk a failed gap up tomorrow morning. Selling into strength is much easier than to sell when it panics. OTC is tough to execute when it does panic... makes me panic :( lol glad to take the win


$56 Profit
FTKLong Stock
($26) Loss
BRSLong Stock

Bought on the retest of the breakout. Did not move much and started to trend down. Oracle


($17) Loss
ZSANLong Stock

Long - Breakout Morning spike. Stupid. Lame. Boring. Stock. Good quick exit to keep losses small. Still in the game....blah blah blah.


($12) Loss
NUGTLong Stock

Happy Easter! 3 Week Hold. Bought 2,500 April 3, then additional 2,500 April 5. Buy tweets below. Buys were 100% technical, as was today's sale. GeorgeU newsletter coming ( (

($75) Loss
DSSLong Stock

Bought pullback after breakout. SL - 61.8% Fibonacci retracement. Oracle



bought on morning spike with lots of volume. Figured anticipation of the big news would get the stock running today. sold when the stock did not re-test the highs around noon.


($58) Loss
ATOSLong Stock

Bought on pullback after breakout. Giving it room to breath. SL - broke the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level. Oracle


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