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($35) Loss
TIGRLong Stock

Second try at a bounce, but this stock was just sold into the whole day. Zero bounce.



Long - Swing Trade, dip buy. Probably going to kick myself for not holding this longer, but saw quick overnight profit of almost 7% so grabbed it. Will get back into this on a dip sometime. Lots of good press and PR popping up for this stock at the moment.


$45 Profit
RBZLong Stock

Recent runner, making lower highs near VWAP bouncing off the 5.65-5.70 mark 4x. Show good support, letting the trade come to me, I place my order in at 5.70, with 5.60 (VWAP) as my risk, and looking to sell as its bounces towards 6.20. Sold a bit sooner than I wanted, due to my schedule. But glad to recognize the price action and taking a small play to see it pan-out as perdicted.


($25) Loss
QCOMLong Stock

Bought on a breakout of VWAP went up to almost 80 then failed and came all the way back to my stop.

($10) Loss
RBZLong Stock

Terrible entry, way above the 9 EMA... FOMO!


$10 Profit
RBZLong Stock

Gap fill potential to 9.65 Bought the ask, sold at peak.


$66 Profit
DUSTLong Stock
$5 Profit
UXINLong Stock

Flat top breakout. 1st green day. Volume failed to increase. Big seller at 2.92 over a long period of time.



Entry comments: Former Supernova from a few years ago spiking big on this surprisingly solid seeming news with Polartec quote from Polartec CEO very hyper, goal is to make 20-40%, this thing can fly so be careful, small $ position since it's up so much already today

Exit comments: Zzzzz I thought ti could keep going Supernova, but it's looking top since it's up so much today already, I might re-buy b before the market close but we'll see how it acts, right now just taking small profits to lock the gains in and be safe midday


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