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$20 Profit
ACRSLong Stock

This one did eventually bounce the way I thought it would. I was nervous it wasn't going to be able to break 1.7, so I took my .20 and ran. Glad to know I was on the right track.


$76 Profit
FNMALong Stock

Bought it yesterday when it was testing 4.0. Kept it overnight. It slowly moved to 4.23 but then started dipping. I got out at 4.14. A small $68 profit after fees.


Open Trade
LXRXLong Stock

Entry comments: '===multiday high breaker / multiday gapper / volume=== 10:59 - bought 125 shares @3,16$ (+5$fee = 3.20$) Bought at support then it broke 10¢ down... Got break even... then it broke back again... (I should stop to buy at 11h00)

($35) Loss
ACRXLong Stock

Bought when it broke VWAP. PreMarket gainer. It went down and I sold to cut losses. Now it is up again. Going to watch closely for a re-entry


$55 Profit
MGILong Stock

% gainer on a up trend



Not proud of this trade, i was dumb and caught it on the wrong dip. Wasn't able to get out quick enough before it fell.



Continued to watch YUMA. Original trade plan was to enter around $5.25. Completed Sykes scale and had a great plan. But, got distracted and missed the breakout upwards to $5.60. Ended up trying to chase another move and it didn't go my way. What I did learn is how sometimes its difficult to get out of a position. Don't get distracted and stay focused!!!


$15 Profit
NTECLong Stock

Entry: bought the morning dip after NTEC jumped up 20% Looking for the continual climb upward. Exit: seen that the second spike was weak and sold as soon as I could, was a good call as the stock dropped down .10



Entry comments: classic reversal on the vwap.

Exit comments: made my target profit. half for 1.89 and half for 1.95



Nice little gain after morning double bottom. Solid support from previous day test, and support from 5 day massive volume.

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