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Swedish market, Couldn´t break resistance so sold it

-$72 Loss
KTOVLong Stock

Got into the trade on spiking due to news basically top tick didnt keep on going like expected. Did not Exit the trade for the proper loss Risk was @ $1.00 bounced a couple of times and did not exit into strength @ $1.05, was stubborn thinking the trade could turn around. Has plenty of time to get out around $1.04. By the time I tried to exit @ $1.02 could not execute even though there it spent time there. Took the loss off hitting the bid @ $0.99.


-$120 Loss
TTOOLong Stock

Entry comments: Got into this one as it had news of positive earnings and news of COVID test kit, today it had gapped up pre-market and sold off all day, I decided to jump in risking strong daily support of 1.48ish, looking for strength tomorrow.

Exit comments: Didn't get the gap up like i wanted, I woke up and was a little green on this one and thought about cutting position but then thought of support holding, and my fear of misssing that move. Sold as it broke under my risk.


-$288 Loss
POLALong Stock

Entry comments: Got into this one as I just sold my second trade on it and I was watching this as it broke through resistance levels, so I bought a starter position as it broke through $3.50, then as it tested the next resistance then pulled back, I added 100 shares as we broke through $3.50 again. Hoping it holds somewhat near $5 going into tomorrow, not looking to sell into a panic, but into strength into a resistance level.

Exit comments: Got out of this one as it just had news of selling shares at 2.25, I should've got out the previous day on any kind of strength, but i was hoping for a bigger move and never got it. Terrible position that I handled very poorly.


-$158 Loss
EKSOLong Stock

Entry comments: Could've been better off not getting into this one, but support seemed to be holding $8ish, im just hoping for a gap up, or sell into strength tomorrow. A green trade is always good, so focusing on that.

Exit comments: Got out on this one cause I wanted to free up some buying power to play a day trade, sold into strength today, but should've never been in on this one as it just randomly bought in after a spike.


$1 Profit
IDXGLong Stock

A/H trade. Noticing a trend a/h when these stocks get first signs of life. Sold b/c felt heavy into the 7.30's. Later after A/H closed price was in hi 6.80's. Good exit


-$52 Loss
SOLOLong Stock

Just making a bad day worse… revenge trading after hours when it looked to be gapping up



Total Daily P/L: 100. Offline most of the day again. Slow week overall with $2500 in profit. Looking forward to next week.


-$7 Loss
IDXGShort Stock
-$102 Loss
GNUSLong Stock
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