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$125 Profit
APTLong Stock

bought 500 on the reversal bottom (extreme selling) added 500 slight pullback exit on a bear doji at VWAP, quick profit


$34 Profit
CBLILong Stock

Big gap up on this big % gainer, watch for it to bottom out, setting in higher lows, took position on the second low using first low as risk. Goals was to sell in the low $4's, took profit when it showed itself.


($10) Loss
NVAXShort Stock

I probably shouldn't have gotten into this a second time.

($16) Loss
TRILShort Stock

Shorted this over extended NASDAQ into a resistance level. Entered when the stock got stuffed at resistance and went red. It then recovered and went green, consolidated and spiked through my risk level where I covered my position.


$0 Loss
GSKShort Stock
$54 Profit
TROVLong Stock

paper some more keep your head up.

$36 Profit
NVAXLong Stock

At least this made a profit!

$4 Profit
INOLong Stock

I don't know what to say about this play.

($72) Loss
INTCLong Stock
$15 Profit
CODXLong Stock

Looking for dip buy on this biotech big % gainer on the day. Tried to break 2.53 four times before I just gave up and got out. A lot of these are dumping hard this morning. Unfortunately, got out right before it ran over 2.60, but glad to get out before it dumped.



Another major daily breakout setup. Saw it breaking out pre-market right before the open. Bought the breakout using previous pre-market support as my risk level and anticipated a squeeze right at the open. It squeezed and I got out quick with a 10% gain. May have sold this one a little too soon, but it was already up a lot on the day and considering that it has almost quadrupled in the last couple a days, how volatile it was intraday and the high spread, I am glad that I played this one safe.



Only Paper trading today due to market tanking, but this would have been a great play

$65 Profit
SXTCLong Stock

Good Wing trade, could have gotten more or a better entry but ill take it.


$0 Profit
AHPILong Stock

Saw it go up 70 cents in the morning then go back down so I bought it at around what it was at market open, barely broke $4.00 once when I had it, still have no real idea how long I should hold a stock like this but all I know is that at the time of typing this is past $4 and when I held it I was in the red more than green


($1) Loss
LLITLong Stock

I did not get a gain out of this play but to have chosen this play compared to other tickers, feels great! I believe it wasn't much of a choppy play and it made it easier for me to get out once I seen it was not going to give me the bounce that I was looking for. The gain here is definitely my execution as I was able to get in and get out when I wanted to. I cut losses as soon as I didn't get the bounce. Great play!


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