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($47) Loss
PSTVShort Stock
($6) Loss
MRMDLong Stock
Open Trade
TLRDShort Stock

Entry comments: Up big on the day, looks like it has a lot of resistance at 2.3ish.


$73 Profit
RKDAShort Stock
$44 Profit
PSTVLong Stock

That was awesome!!! It was going on a run, I figured it might really rally into the weekend. It did, timed it perfectly. I thought people would sell at 9, so I sold at 8.97.


($22) Loss
PSTVLong Stock

after waiting ll day for this to have an afternoon squeeze i missed my entry and didnt chase and had no intention of buying this now but unfortunately once it broke day high i decided to buy with small size. It was a risky trade and i should never have made it. i did try to get out even with a small gain but was too slow and lost because of this. need more discipline!


$41 Profit
PSTVLong Stock
($60) Loss
ABIOLong Stock
$13 Profit
NVAXLong Stock

Not doing exactly what I want so I exit


($41) Loss
YRIVLong Stock

Just a trade out of boredom. I was gonna trade this only on First green day, but ended up trading when it was red. A trade i should have avoided.


$55 Profit
AMDLong Stock
$191 Profit
SPTNShort Stock

Entry comments: Spiked and came off it's high, going to put a stop at 11.93, which is just under a .40 loss max

Exit comments: It looked like a rally, but it is already down from where I bought back. Didn’t want to hold over the weekend.


($148) Loss
VIPSShort Stock

Entry comments: Third time is a charm. Looks like strong resistance

Exit comments: Rallying late on Friday, didn’t want to hold


$2 Profit
MTCLong Stock
$45 Profit
PSTVLong Stock

stock was fading, i has going for .20 gain but not quick enough on the key board, so i aimed for 0.1 profit when it was down trending on the macd


$49 Profit
MTCLong Stock
$497 Profit
MTCLong Stock
Open Trade
INMDLong Stock

Entry comments: This is a continuation from yesterday. Got bumped off earlier today when risk, VWAP, breached @ open. Saw stock forming a cup/handle & B/O above VWAP. Held into close. Closed AH @ 20.40. RISK: VWAP 18.31. TGT: 21’s.


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