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Entry comments: First green day former Supernova on this OTC with new contract news, buying the intraday breakout, goal is to make 10-20%, not sure if I'll hold overnight or not, wanted to buy later, but it just keeps going

Exit comments: Hit my goals so no need for overnight hold and lately these kinds of stocks have been running in the afternoon then failing to gap or morning spike so I'll gladly lock in my single here and not have the risk since it's already up 100%+ today, potential rebuy if it comes down before the close to lower the risk, big congrats to for nailing this play first in the .03s



I LOVE A STOCK IN PLAY, BIG VOLUME, READ THE CHART GET PAID! I have a knack for buying high but if I see strength I want in ...big reversal what kept me in was 1:38 bar on the 1 min and the 5min chart looked strong. Glad I held on sold .10 cents from the high and a total collapse. See bar at 2pm...can't trust these stocks

($35) Loss
TTNPLong Stock

Was active... tried to jump in for the ride, price action slowed ....with these pennys you have to take too big a position to bank....I need to study more of Sykes videos on position sizing. Exited small loss

$4 Profit
SRNELong Stock

Long morning trade going on forever, was wearing me out with the forever consolidation manuever. As soon as the signal that i got out went thru the price of course started going up....WTF. As I watch it is dropping again, not much of a consolation but it beats watching it go up. Aloha and good trading


$10 Profit
TEXLong Stock

Small win but still a win


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