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$8 Profit
RLFTFLong Stock

bought this panic sell when it just fell off it's highs, figured I would try to get in for a quick bounce but it looked weak and I didn't want to risk holding overnight



Entry comments: Buying this late day breakout all day runner on this solid news not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Tried to be patient, but looks like a wall of sellers at .071, I won't force it overnight, probly a better dip buy tomorrow if we get a good enough panic, remember this is a choppy one so I won't risk my now $8k profit day, safety first!


Open Trade
AIHSLong Stock

Entry comments: bought 1000 shares of AIHS at .79 345pm because i think there are many short sellers that needs to cover this evening and in to tomorrow morning and the price should be pushed up because of them buying to cover


$1 Profit
OPTILong Stock

Followed Alert ... had second thoughts got out

-$45 Loss
PMCBLong Stock

Testing new HOD in last 30 mins of power hour. Bought on trigger. Small risk big gain here. Going to sell at .0170 if it does not work. Did not full full on sell. Not bad sell. Not a bad trade. Just did not work out.

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