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($170) Loss
AAPLLong Option

don't trade what you don't know. you will loose your ass

$80 Profit
ACBLong Stock

Mng dip buy off S @8.45. Liked entry but failed 5 times to break 8.60 with lower lows each attempt. Got faked out and sold. Stock had a nice up trend a few ticks later. Never was in a loosing position, just unsure after a similar move failed yesterday. Back to the videos.


$48 Profit
CLWTLong Stock
($21) Loss
UXINLong Stock
($15) Loss
AMRSLong Stock
($20) Loss
AAPLLong Option

again don't trade what you don't understand


CLWT was popping up premarket. Had a volume, small float, and a catalyst


$4 Profit
CLWTLong Stock
$89 Profit
CLWTLong Stock

Entry comments: Micro float no news but has momentum. Would be looking to hold to market open risk level 4.50; trying to get comfortable with this low float runners

Exit comments: I was looking to wait for market open but I just did not have time to keep looking at the screen had a little problem tying to get out. 40 of my share got executed at 5.10 and the rest at 5.30; cutting my gains because of commissions. now is at 6.95 would be looking to trade this one again. later


($91) Loss
TENXLong Stock

P/M spike. Terrible trade. Small speculative position on low float junk. Wouldn't have been so bad if I had cut losses quickly enough. Lost twice what I should have.


($11) Loss
CLWTLong Stock

went long on a $1.20 pullback. as soon as i press that buy confirm button, the stock gets halted, shit!!. cut the trade about a minute after trading resumed. bleh.


($32) Loss
CFISLong Stock

b/o and nhod, was waiting for it to go to 4.40, stopped out at 3.95


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