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$59 Profit
ACHNLong Stock

FDA -Phase 2 Interim data May 17th - nice


Got into this on a dip when I noticed the uptrend all day. Really glad I got out of this when I did it died shortly after. Still having trouble with profitly connecting to robinhood it will not log in to verify.


($17) Loss
PINSShort Stock

New IPO. Stock broken above $25 which was HOD for the first day of trading. The b/o looked weak to me and when stock broken below that area i went short because i was expecting a bleeding before close. Stock than reclaimed back up and i didn`t cover right away. I gave it time. When it was unable to go back down below $25 and started bouncing i have covered my position. Took a small loss.


$42 Profit
PRPOShort Stock

Stock had a big gap-up and i was waiting to see if it will hold support @ around $0.545 which was multi day support. When stock was unable to hold support a went below VWAP and tested i tought we are going to have a failed follow through. Many longs were also caught in that fakeout breakout. I was on the right track. Stock did have a failed follow through. I have covered to soon.


($14) Loss
RHELong Stock

Clean cup and handle I just got in too early I should have waited for a clean consolidation and green volume.


($275) Loss
MBIOShort Stock

news that wasn't great, but was shared by Goode that it had a good chance for a short squeeze trapping shorts. That it did. I got shaken out on an early position, but re entered shortly after. Sold way to soon as it went up another $1 after I sold.


$12 Profit
MXLong Stock

I missed the breakout entry at 1.50, this stock was up on news and is scheduled to present a conference on 4/24 so the rumors had it running. It was up-trending all day took solid profits and this brought my account nearly green


$52 Profit
CGCLong Option
of 189,019
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