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($26) Loss
CLVSLong Stock

Breakout failed. Good thing I cut my losses at 6.08. Now at 5.60. Should have cut earlier at 6.15 but I wanted to give it time to go back above the break level, but I should have known better.


$63 Profit
FCELLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought $FCEL @0.4499 first green

Exit comments: Sold $FCEL for 6% gain


$21 Profit
CLVSLong Stock

Entry comments: =====next to FGD / recent spiker / premarket spike and dip==== 9:34 - bought 150 shares @6,01$ (+5$ fee = 6,0433$) bought after hitting support and breaking first resistance at 6,00$."

Exit comments: 9:39 - sold 150 shares @6.2151$ (-5$ fee = 6.1818$) Should have targeted 6,30$ to exit... Put a hard stop to get a bigger green trade than usual."


($30) Loss
ALPPLong Stock
($24) Loss
DARELong Stock

Brought 600 shares of DARE @ 1.06 when it spiked strongly through VWAP, thinking it could test the premarket high of 1.10. It went up to 1.13 and I was up 5% so was about to sell when the stock dropped down to $1 in about 3 seconds. Cut my losses and got out at 1.02 for a $24 loss, should of been a $36 profit but it moved to quickly for me to get out.


$90 Profit
ALPPLong Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this strong close on recent Supernova ALPP which just had afternoon news, goal is to sell for 10-20% profits on Monday

Exit comments: Weak gap up so out with small gains, don't just hold and hope on these volatile plays


($3) Loss
CLVSLong Stock

Entry comments: Entered at 5.45, 2nd dip buy attempt.

Exit comments: Ouch, couldn't execute exit properly, then dropped to 5.35, sold, now bounced back to b/e at least, but out cause it barely did. Played it safe. But a better entry was 5.41/5.42. A waste of a day trade. I was struggling to get out, of course the bounce happened right after it got to 5.26. Ugh. Now watching it go up. damn it. eTrade harder for me to use than TD, but I guess that's why I'm doing these smaller scale trades: for knowledge.


$0 Profit
CLVSLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy on morning panic. Wall of buyers around 5.55. Entered 5.56, watching careful, going for 5% target on this one, sell limit is 5.83.

Exit comments: After it reached 5.74, sold off again, had stop loss at 5.57 out at 5.57 as protection and "lossless" trade once in green. Oh well, moving on.


$2 Profit
CUILong Stock

Saw this stock in morning in the chat room, has the catalyst, has news of agreement to purchAse, some other big company is buying CUI power assets. Saw was going high in pre-market. And as my these strategies is get in and get out in premarket itself bought this at support of premarket of 0.88 and then sold at 0.93.


($90) Loss
TRNXLong Stock

New Hi .breaking out, good volume, consolidated for a long time, slight anticipation, then went south !!! I was long.


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