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($4) Loss
IMBILong Stock

$56 Profit
MNKShort Stock

I was pleased with this, I got a third out 1 cent beyond my goal, and held the other two thirds to the exact low point of the chart. I don't feel I could have played this any better.

($43) Loss
TLRDLong Stock

Entry comments: ====former runner / pm gap up with volume / mdH b/o===== 9:51 - bought 350x @4,7519 (4,7498+fees) Bought a clear 4,73 resistance b/o

Exit comments: 9:56 - sold 350x @4,6279 (4,63-fees) It was not a so clear b/o. The next minute after I bought it hardly drop and tested 4,64. Put a hard stop at 4,63 and it broke… Best scenario I could had sell at 4,65…


($10) Loss
NIOShort Stock

short over extended hit my stop small loss!!


($35) Loss
SRNELong Stock

Bot on the dip but kept dipping in huge fashion. One mad dagger down 25 cents. stayed calm did not sell into the dagger, saved $25. That is about all of the positive that I can glean from this experience. Aloha and may you all have a great weekend.


($26) Loss
IMBILong Stock

Recent r/s spiking on shaq news, went for g&c reversal. Very controlled risk, 7.5m float not ideal here


($12) Loss
IMBILong Stock

Pre-market top % gainer, high volume, low float, news from yesterday after-hour. Bought this right at the market open. Entry: red to green Exit: green to red


$50 Profit
CNBXLong Stock

Entry comments: Even better entry than last time, probly gonna hold this overnight, goal is to sell in the .40s again

Exit comments: Couldnt get out of this into the gap up at .40ish, dropped too quick, small gain overall, annoying stock


$4 Profit
NKLong Stock


Entry comments: Partial position here, only got 2k out of the 5k I wanted, first green day, closing strong, just took out day high, goal is to sell into the .80s tomorrow

Exit comments: Nice little gap up to sell into, such an easy first green day pattern on a recent Supernova OTC, it doesn't get any better than this, congrats to all longs, probly keeps going, but I like playing it safe and locking in singles as they add up over time!


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