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Entry comments: chart buying here for a potential multi-day move thru 100. I will add more near $2/contract and risking half as stop loss.

Exit comments: taking safe profits here. will likely continue. I will rebuy later


$97 Profit
SIMOShort Stock
$156 Profit
CTLShort Stock
-$152 Loss
MOVELong Stock
$4 Profit
DISLong Stock
-$48 Loss
PLUGLong Stock
-$45 Loss
AKSLong Stock
-$69 Loss
MOVELong Stock
$168 Profit
CTLShort Stock
$11 Profit
WINShort Stock
$18 Profit
TNAShort Option
-$4 Loss
PLUGLong Stock
-$16 Loss
MOVELong Stock

a lot of terrible trading over the last few months


-$5 Loss
HZNPLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought this multi-week breakout/Z/TRLA sympathy play that is very cheap compared to that merger's vlauations, on a nice dip 50 cents/share off day highs, very similar to DTLK on Friday, should hold 15 since that's the major breakout so I'm risking 10-15 cents/share, upside of 50 cents or more if it can spike tomorrow morning and retest today's highs, earnings tomorrow after the close, some of the 3 million shorts should be worried given this price action

Exit comments: Got the bullish analyst note & Seeking alpha article overnight but no big morning spike/gap up today and Z/TRLA are down slightly so playing it safe since it's just barely a breakout above 15 and this is a slow moving stock...gotta play safe when things don't go EXACTLY as planned, the news was predictable and dead on, the price action though is disappointing


-$0 Loss
SPYLong Stock
-$37 Loss
MOVELong Stock

Bought this on intraday support, held overnight as did Tim, trade looked good with an analyst upgrade and positive seeking alpha article overnight but it dropped in the morning and I cut losses quickly


-$37 Loss
MOVELong Stock

Bougt MOVE before the close because the stock made a multi-month breakout over $15 and it has reported earnings the next day after the close and because 3 millions shares where short i was expecting a morning spike / short squeeze. Instead of that we got a morning panic and i am very glad i was not agressive and i sold before the big panic so i perfectly cut my loss. If i would held longer i would easily make $300 loss. Most important lesson for me personally - cut your loss quickly.


$1,966 Profit
NQShort Stock
-$43 Loss
MEETLong Stock
-$63 Loss
FTRShort Stock
-$318 Loss
GALTLong Stock
-$80 Loss
QTMLong Stock

Adding Ameritrade trades. Closed out this account though.


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