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($24) Loss
LXRXShort Stock
$21 Profit
EROSLong Stock

Biggest gain so far, bought on a dip approaching HOD, key is to find 2-3 set ups that work!


$25 Profit
EROSLong Stock

1st real trade in my early career. Very carefully. Small position. Found the right set up. Identified from High % gainers, catalyst = Contract Winner (with Microsoft). News. I waited the open, it opened at $2.98, risk/reward $.21 up & $0.9 down = 3:1 Very happy. Based on Master T. Sykes guidance, lessons, and Tim G., Mark C., Tim B. videos. This is after some books, > 81 hrs video lessons, several webinars, 2 months STT (Paper trading). Thanks again Master Tim S. Karma for all.


$423 Profit
CHWYShort Stock

Short swing. Got to get out from under PDT. Watched profits yesterday dwindle, would have bought in well below where I did today but would have restricted my account. Waiting. Soon.


$18 Profit
MDRLong Stock

I took this trade after the morning low as it was rising at 1.65 and sold when the stock reverse more than ,05 to get a small gain.


($29) Loss
IGCLong Stock

Cut losses early. I thought this would go up based on premarket and news. It really didn't. It was just going through a slow painful death. I decided not to die with it. Better bad day than yesterday.


($3) Loss
CDIXLong Stock

entry on dip after morning spike. Slow price action and decided to cut losses quickly as soon as I saw a wall of buyers been chipped away on support.


($66) Loss
AIMLong Stock
$52 Profit
EROSLong Stock

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