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$10 Profit
TNKLong Stock

Quick in and out in morning spike


($11) Loss
AIHSLong Stock

Just going to sleep now. Over-trading not thinking just wasting my time and risking all the money I've made today. 6 Trades on the same stock in under an hour.


($330) Loss
AIHSShort Stock

Biggest % loss of my career. There is a huge flaw in my risk management system. The times where I'm wrong I'm risking way to much. I need to fix my risk/reward before this gets too out of hand.

($10) Loss
ASTCLong Stock

I bought this stock that kept running yesterday and I missed it by underestimating it. Today is a Friday so I thought we would get a nice spike as it went from r/g. My risk was 1.71 which was r/g level. My goal was to see if it could get to the 1.90s as that's where there was some resistance from yesterday. It ended up breaking my risk at g/r so I exited my position. It could still spike as it is a Friday and considering how much it ran yesterday.


($38) Loss
AIHSLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought on a swing back over VWAP showing that there is in fact buying pressure likely keeping aggressive shorts on their toes. This ones a mover, already LUDP halted twice for volatility. Goal is 20% with risk in low 1.20's. Hoping for a turnaround in my trading after taking it easy and trying to be selective.

Exit comments: Not confident in it's consolidation and sold precisely before a big jump up to 1.49 which would have put me into a green trade at least but it wouldn't have been a "true" green trade. Getting shook out is based on my previous experiences with other trades in similar positions where I got rekt on almost all of them. This decision was based on what little experience I have gained in the last 1.5 months or so, not upset with it.


($48) Loss
SRNALong Stock

Probably my worst trade so far. Bought this first green day of a former runner as it was holding VWAP into late day, but went out for 30 min, when I came back it had broke my mental stop, (which was 0.105), instead of cutting I held.. missed opportunities while holding this one. Never again will buy and just walk away. Messed up!!



Pull back premarket on news and upward trend, scaled out for profits



Last trade of the day for me on a small account very good trade.


($9) Loss
BIOCLong Stock

Just a bored trade..again broke my I deserve loss...just sold to clear my account


Not my best, not my worst. Was waiting for a big panic on this and definitely got it after a halt. It keeps halting, though, and is extremely volatile, so I'll take my near-8% gain and head out.


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