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($40) Loss
AKRXLong Stock
$669 Profit
NLNKShort Stock

Another first red day setup. This had a weak morning spike that I shorted into. It did take the stock green on the day but quickly failed. I then added one last piece and it continued to fade from there. I did cover a little bit early but still happy with this gain.


$40 Profit
HEXOLong Stock
$1 Profit
RADLong Stock

broke the 52 week high right at the end of market hours I believe held over night to try it out

($74) Loss
SAVALong Stock

Entry comments: Premarket scannner, nice multi day breakout on insider buying. I bought as it spiked into the open @ $4.38 Hoping to hold long for a few days. Exit comments: This did not move as expected the past few days I had to cut the losses.


($5) Loss
RADLong Stock

I bought this runner on a dip in the low $22s after it held that level once and bounced of it, but I saw weakness and got out and it turns to be the best desicion in that situation. So I consider that one as one of my good trades!!!


($26) Loss
SLNOLong Stock
($30) Loss
SUPVLong Stock

support appeared to be holding at $4. sold when it broke down below that level with some slippage.



Entry comments: I got a partial execution on this classic panic dip buy, goal is to make 5-10% into the bounce, trades weird though, so glad to have small position

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here, nothing huge, and this stock trades SO weird, I'll do video lesson on it over the weekend when I have some time, definitely good to capitalize on stocks with air pockets like this but best to stick to small positions NOT large ones


($0) Loss
PTLong Stock

got scared out. could have made big profits had I held. oh well. good lesson


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