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-$50 Loss
NVTALong Stock

Wanted to buy the HOD break but hit the buy button before it broke. Risk was point in chart where I believe it would no longer be able to recover from. Risk was hit, I am out. Also this chart was not ideal for a breakout scenario. Lot of overhead resistance from earlier in the week


-$18 Loss
TYDELong Stock

Entry: Long hold, could of made a scalp profit of $10 but kept holding. Daily was setup for a run on the day I sold but not much volume Exit: news put put a/h about CEO selling a lot of his shares, so I got out


-$209 Loss
PSHGLong Stock

Entry: Hit my low float scanner, great setup on daily frame Exit: Could of sold and made over $100 and I did have an order in during a/h the day before I sold but it never filled. As soon as market opened the next day... public offering announced, and priced nosedived. Gotta take profits!


$6 Profit
VERULong Stock

great trade dip buy, sold too quickly


-$130 Loss
BBBYLong Stock
of 702,325
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