after more studying, need to get out on Monday even if it doesn't move. The weekend should provide the time for the hype to get out.

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I thought KBLB went down after overnight?

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Hey mr Griff .... I was trying to see why you entered at 3.38 .. and did a short video of my theory of why I think I'm a beginner trying to understand

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hey rob I did a video on your specific trade .. it's short I asking some things would like you do see if you can answer me please as I'm trying to understand penny stocks

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stock is flatening next week...has potential...

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they were trying to shake folk out...doing 9.90 to 9.89 several times ..maybe 5-6 times...huge poential ..but was busy with still great reached 10.15 10min later...sold last 1k shares 10.09 but took profit earlier is it in the long run of daytrading a thing i learnt take partly profiit...its a lot of money:)))

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good trade..was outside in the town...not bad for a break during a walk with friends

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