Ohh ok I see. Thanks!

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... congrats to those that made much more than me... this thing went over $20 a share.... i caught only a sliver but green is green

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@abdouramanebarry There's a setting where you select AUTO extended hours.. I use Etrade. Some brokers might not have that option at all.

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How come you able to trade before the market open if u dont mind me asking?

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How can I trade ?

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@TheMoneyLady Thats awesome! why haven't you uploaded any trades? its extremely helpful to see what your good at and what profits are actually happening.

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It is called "shorting" stocks. You profit when u believe the stock price will go down. Therefore you borrow the stocks from your broker and sell them at a high price, then buying the stocks back when the price of the stock falls down enough, then u return them back to your broker- capturing the difference as a profit. Hope it makes sense!

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Just signed up for pennystocking silver so I am in a bit late on the plays, but would the previous close be considered a gapfill close? Would a position around close / AH be good in this case to sell into a potential morning spike / potential multi-day breakout? Any response / opinions will be great, thank you.

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Hi Emyeele, how become profit if you entry $57.71 and exit $ 56.60 ? I’m new sorry to ask 😊

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Agreed need to cut looses quicker.... but we dont know where his support levels was or how quick it dropped the main thing is he never held and hoped its a 8% loss but a good trade as he did cut losses.

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Thanks! @diego155 @nattapakanhongtong

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Awesome trade man

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@drashti I’ve been in it since I started in April. Haven’t had the issues others talk about. I use yahoo finance for better charting and FinViz as an screener. Good luck to you.

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