and now it just keeps going up toward 5. You really called a bottom on this one!

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ah yes, buy around support from yesterday. I was buying this bad bear in the beginning of the 1m 9:35 candle. Silly because I didn't even have volume confirmation. I cut my losses quick though.

In reply to$ZSAN

Nice 5% tim

In reply to$ZSAN

I was kinda bummed for not taking that 4.00 crack, but I've been sucked in to too many afternoon fade fakeouts and squeezed eod that I don't do it much anymore. But this fade is right from Tim's old short strategy so I gotta keep testing it

In reply to$BLNK

Awesome trades, thank you for posting.

In reply to$AITX

Safe is best

In reply to$BLNK

had some news out, but this is more about running the stock up for an offering from what I can see

In reply to$ZSAN

Do you know the reason for the run?

In reply to$ZSAN

Nice catch of the dip though as it wasn't on your watch list! I saw it too on STT with the "% Off Open" feature. Love being self-sufficient, this is golden for specifically seeing dip buys from the opening bell. #EDGE

In reply to$FCEL

Time to Give In To The Darkside Jedi, Sykes...1Love!

In reply to$FCEL

Good work !!

In reply to$FCEL

Lol now the stock is up to the mid .515

In reply to$ADOM

Thanks. I woke up this morning and thought about it some more. Realized the later day volume/volatilty or lack thereof , should have shown me, this didn't have the chops to reclaim some value. Glad I got out and this lesson will be locked in now (she says hopefully) .

In reply to$BLNK

Fucking lie

In reply to$GSUM

LenoreO...I would say you did the right thing. BLNK has already had an extended run. I heavily use Gann fan tool clubbed with Eillott Wave etc. If you ask me, I won't trade this stock at this time. Probably I'll wait for candlestick patterns and accordingly short it

In reply to$BLNK

Looking forward to my 1st trade soo

In reply to$KNDI

You should post trades one by one and review them .. this looks weird on your profit chart lol

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