Yes my advice is to go look on my website and in my daily watchlist where I tell you my specific broker, stop being so lazy, do some/ANY digging whatsoever

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Covered the call portion of this strike @ $0.35 on this drop, couldn't get a fill yesterday b/c this stock kept running up.

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hey tim. Im a new subscriber and I would like to know what type of brokerage account you used in your new videos you just made.. I use Scottrade but im looking for something new. any advice

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did you ever sell?

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Well done. This is the wheel house I like to play in. Congrats!

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I could have waited one day and it would have been a profit too! Damn!

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Added 15 more contracts @ 1.32 on this mid-day spike, stop is still the same, 2 consecutive closes above $1600 in cash. Roughly 5 more SPX points. Entry: $SPY 156.60 and $1595.95

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Check out TTNP on a buy!

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Added 15 more contracts @ $1.44 ($SPY @ $159.50, SPX 1595) Last and final position going into May

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Been watching the run for a while. Guess it had to end some time. 400-0 woulda been cool though.Not sure many people have ever done as well as this W/L wise. Congrats on your success.

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