Great trade. Excellent execution.

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bad day to start in short with all the other stocks i was trading simultaneously :/

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Amazing gain. Congrats.

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Nice. But how you missed the picks on January and February? Maybe you had another plan.

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Studying your recent trades and love this trade, perfect example of your #5 in the framework, will definitely be on my watchlist next week as you mentioned "lots of promoters on this one, they probly should support it today or early next week given the big drop"

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with nice size, good one!

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@Jackaroo I need to get into your head and observe your thinking when holding a stock for a lengthy period of time. I have two stocks, with a small position size that I have been holding for a while. Haven't determined yet if I'm holding and hoping they come back or if I'm truly testing swing trading!

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On your longer-term not so closely watched swings, have you considered trailing stops? In this case, you would have probably been stopped out at a better profit on 1/22 or 1/23. The $2 recent peak level interestingly would also have been a logical profit target with key touch points from 2018.

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Now this is a sniper trade. From the look of the chart you were in it for what? 2-5 minutes tops?

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