Covered upper call spread at $0.70 for a $450 gain, plan to re-hedge, and re-evaluate this trade, as I want to enter in a 25 by 35 Jan 13 call spread $5k cost to make $100k for a mega doomsday scenario

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I think your videos may really be helping me to have seen that coming.Thanks keep them coming especially ones like Superman's

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Nice entry Tim looks to be hitting the resistance at 3.60 will check back and see were you find an exit later.

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I bought a few min before you here and made $1.5k!!! Gotta teach so they all get it one day!!

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Afraid bad news tomorrow ...

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New Guru ... in profitly ... thanks for adding him Tim :)

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great example of basic research paying off.. first VM emails said: "TODAY'S PICK IS: SWTR" so everyone aware of the ticker symbol change that day (SWTR to CTDT) did really well!

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Nice exit on the first red day of an active promotion - $CTLE breaking out now let's hope it goes a lot higher so the "BION Boys" snag some groupies for their next one!

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sorry guys. mistake. closed 1.53

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