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I have been watching this. It broke through .57 resistance. Made sure it held. Got in at .60. It bounced off of .64 4 times and finally broke through. Wanted to hold longer but didn't know what to do so I got out. Need to learn more.

Posted: Feb 20, 1:35 PM

Entry comments: Scalping the dip.

Exit comments: Tiny scalp.

Posted: Feb 20, 1:08 PM

Entry comments: Bought the pullback on the chatter news with Microsoft just looking for a small scalp.

Exit comments: No bounce out for a loss on this one.

Posted: Feb 20, 10:03 AM

Paper Trade: I got in this because it was coming down to support and there were massive buy orders going through. It got above my preferred support level so I wanted to see if it would hold that. Nope...So, I got out with a small loss. The news is that Rite Aid is being bought up (stores) by Albertsons and Walgreens. It didn't seem like any of those stocks were really doing very well this morning. But there is some volatility so it was worth watching.

Posted: Feb 20, 10:37 AM/
SNAPShort StockbyStitchTrade1

Entry comments: Back in for an afternoon fade out. Risk HOD

Posted: Feb 20, 10:18 AM

Entry comments: CHART trade example...NFLX of india ,,,personal stop 4ema and personal target high 12's or more if it works

Exit comments: SUPER TRADE

Posted: Feb 14, 10:46 AM/$

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Paper Trade: Got in this because of the positive news about signing an agreement with Jaguar Land Rover Manhattan for their tech to be used in stores. It looked like it could continue after a double bottom (but also noticed the double top) gave it a moment and it just didn't look strong at all so I got out. This moved so quickly in both directions that my entry and exits were a few cents off for sure. $3.63 and $3.60 were where I hit the button.

Posted: Feb 20, 10:40 AM/

Let your winners run and cut your losses quickly

Posted: Feb 20, 10:05 AM

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