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($1) Loss
JAGXLong Stock
$53 Profit
TCELLong Stock
($31) Loss
GERNLong Stock

Dumb play. I tried to save a trade by buying dip hoping for a spike in a.m. . Dropped at market open and then started running sideways. Lesson learned. Don't alter strategy based on trades available. If its not worth the day trade don't bother with it at all.


($33) Loss
NATLong Stock

Entered in on a first strong green day at the end of the day. There was news that they have decided to cancel their bond offering as the are sufficient in their income level. Was down after market and premarket by $0.10 per share, exited out as it was a morning gap down.


($86) Loss
IQLong Stock
$135 Profit
IQLong Stock

- Reverse Long - Short Squeeze - Sold to soon - Did not want to lose profits - Missed out on another $1.10 - Good trading


$32 Profit
IQShort Stock

- Overnight Short - The previous market of high indicated large sell of at morning bell - Not as much action on the sell-off that I was expecting - Held my shares expecting more.. - HUGE short squeeze started to trend, so I sold out - Missed on $100 - I need to work on my SHORTS and not be GREEDY



I bought this 2 minutes before closing and sold it right at the open. I looked at #IMTE, which had a similar pattern a few weeks ago. Expected a morning gap-up and I got it. Second best trade of my life so far!! Happy and proud!


Morning b/o. Catalyst: rose 27.2 percent to $2.48 in pre-market trading after the company’s 1st Detect subsidiary disclosed that its TRACER 1000 explosives trace detector will enter the European Civil Aviation Conference Common Evaluation Process for airport checkpoint screening. Fast mover, low float 4.1M, too choppy to hold until my $8 goal. Risk off prior support of 6.39.


$30 Profit
IQLong Option

Quick in and out on the intraday dip on IQ. Sold when 45 couldn't break.


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