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$92 Profit
VLRXLong Stock

Bought off my % gainer on STT recognised the pattern similar to VTVT last few days. News Catalyst, Red to green after holding and consolidating intra day, volume increasing. Dip Buy and hit my goal into the close. Tim's Spikability DVD and Mark Crook Pre- Flight Checklist Webinar. Thank you


Open Trade
DPWLong Stock

Entry comments: They announced earnings after hours and the reaction seemed good. I bought on the dip, expecting a gap-up given the earnings and Bitcoin catalysts. I could have had a better entry, but I'll take it.


$330 Profit
SKXLong Option
$270 Profit
SNBRLong Option
$676 Profit
IZEAShort Stock

One bite at a time they say...... Basic "Pop on conference hype and get out before the conference" play with a couple minor twists. The company didn't report Q4 earnings due to a discrepancy then had lawsuits thrown at them and then finally reported boring earnings and chart has been down all year.


($73) Loss
CNETShort Stock
$98 Profit
BTSCLong Stock

Swing trade o/n, nice trade, I could have held longer but it was a decent trade, I like the results on this one. Nice trend up first green day to follow with a nicer 2nd green day. I am very happy to follow Tim Sykes patterns that lead me to a profit. Thank you Tim.


($25) Loss
MARKLong Stock

Well, usually $MARK spikes at the end of the day but today it dropped like a freaking skydiving jump. So, no need to say it shook me out, and then, it got back up as usual. I got shook out too many times this week. What's up with that! Anyways, patterns help but it is not fail prof. Leave and learn.


$31 Profit
CLFLong Stock

Wall of resitance, traveling today sold on poor market today and profits

($160) Loss
IShort Stock

Entry comments: Let's see if this grinds down or pulls a zombie and shoots back up past previous close. So far so good though.

Exit comments: OUT. Done with this shit. Red on the day about $50 (not including fees). I'm fine with that. This was a stupid trade on my part. I knew I should have stopped after that initial morning washout and I didn't like a big dummy. Happy I got to close out without a gigantic loss.


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