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($1) Loss
JAGXLong Stock
($70) Loss
SNSELong Stock

Speculative trade I should not have entered, however I wanted to get some trading in to get a feel for IB excursions times. I also feel good that I exited with a minimal loss. Only error is I to to large a position on a trade that I was not sure on.


Open Trade
ROKULong Stock

Entry comments: Looking to sell Tuesday morning ;)


$47 Profit
JYShort Stock

YEN short 22437.68 - profit +47.39

Open Trade
QUIKLong Stock

Entry comments: This was peaking after hours so I jumped on it hoping to make a small gain into Tuesday a.m.


$5 Profit
MULong Option

Don't Remember Details


($16) Loss
CLKALong Stock

got in this one held on for 2 days. couldn't watch my computer this day. do I thought I broke even. I need too call my broker, something is not right.



Tim alerted that he was watching this stock. I saw a massive volume spike. I bought right after the spike. Risk - 7.20 with a 40-80 cent target. Despite going to 7.45, BLNK started to consolidate between 7.35(resistance) - 7.40. Based on the level II, I lost my confidence and exited the trade. Happy to see Tim exited his trade within a few minutes after my exit. Play it safe. If I held for 5 minutes longer, I would’ve lost money instead of a small gain/scratch.


($47) Loss
SBOTLong Stock

I bought this low float runner after I felt it had been sold off to much. I purchased this on the up at the end of the day and didn't want to cut losses to lose a day trade. I tried selling in pre-market to break even and have a "green trade" but my 2.27 price never filled, for the next two hours I set price limits to sell and kept missing my execution. I kept thinking this would run up a bit and was hesitating, in the end, I sold 12 cents lower than if I would have cut losses quickly.


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