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$502 Profit
AMCLong Stock

After hours watch for me above highs, great entry, lovely win before bed!


$87 Profit
TMBRLong Stock
-$90 Loss
AYROLong Stock

BLNK breaking out and pushing to new highs, AYRO had a similar daily but lagging behind, tried to get long for a swing trade idea but it fell apart a/h

$400 Profit
GMELong Stock

I only had 3K of settled funds left to trade today. Saw breaking news alert that I should watch this a/h and watched it and bought on the a/h b/o. Sold waaaay too soon and couldn't get back in (no money to trade) as this ran over 200 p/s!! absolute insanity short squeeze 2nd day.


-$48 Loss
NOKLong Stock

-$19 Loss
AIKILong Stock

Dip buy late afternoon, cut losses quickly


-$1,530 Loss
GMELong Option

By far my worse trade, broke all the rules and paid dearly for it, chart said nothing but upside and i noted that didn't cut losses at my normal stop, all added up from a gross loss

$72 Profit
AITXLong Stock

Another really strong entry, but as much of a drop it took, it took a tiny bounce and then fell the last few more minutes. I sold in this tiny bounce.


-$21 Loss
VNUELong Stock

ENTRY: Good news 01/22 and decent news 01/25. Potential Swing for 15%+ if closes above open near days high with acceptable volume (HOD: $0.0333/Close: $0.033) EXIT: Bad entry. Missed my exit at open. Cut losses intelligently - keeping under 10% loss. Major volume dry up. Took a long time to execute sell order.


$106 Profit
GMELong Stock

Dipped bought on this highly squeezed stock during a small panic. Bounced off of support for a nice 5% single for a small profit.


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