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late day spike

Posted: Jan 18, 4:15 PM
EGLTLong StockbyMotownGreek

Entry comments: Oversold, o/n hold, will sell on bounce.

Posted: Jan 18, 4:01 PM

6th Trade: My initial plan was to buy 400 shares $APRI at $2.95 (3:44pm) and hold for overnight, but it dropped past my mental stop loss at @ $2.85 and I sold at $2.79 (3:52pm). I was working most of the day and missed $APRI when I saw it at $2.00/share and it spiked to $4.00. Still getting comfortable with the market and stock charts. Pisses me off that I keep having these losses, but I know its part of the growing curve toward practice and mastery.

Posted: Jan 18, 4:05 PM/

Entry comments: o/n (weekend) hold

Exit comments: Decreasing volume/no news. Will re-enter on BO rumors

Posted: Jan 13, 2:13 PM

CBISLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 15000 shares of CBIS at .0909. Big share position, little $ value. My risk is .08 so roughly $150. This is on day #2 of bigtime b/o over .07 and .08. When this weed stock spikes it tends to run for multiple days- seems atleast 3 big green days. I think it has one more in it specially with such a key b/o level giving in. Bidders stacked around .09 but big sellers near .10 so it might not move today. Tomorrow morning will determine what happens.

Posted: Jan 18, 2:43 PM

This stock was up on "big" news of some Viagra workalike in Mexico.... doesn't really matter. It was hyped. I came in late(class), but I noticed that the pattern this chart painted was literally repeating over and over again. It spiked 5-10%, dipped down, then spiked again- over and over. It had one large crash, but the pattern started replaying itself. I noticed this pattern late, but came in on one of the last little "spike and dips", and made $2 bucks profit. Not a lot but I was right! Study!

Posted: Jan 18, 2:15 PM/

Entry comments: I'm risking $110 to make $270 with my stop at 1211.0 my target at 1214.8

Exit comments: ran into my stop so I took a $90 loss

Posted: Jan 18, 1:10 PM

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