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$50 Profit
ACSTLong Stock

Entry comments: ""

Exit comments: cracked vwap. may re enter if it hits holds 1.15


$12 Profit
CPAHShort Stock
$0 Loss
HIVELong Stock

tried to play pre markete B/O but i have given about two hours so big stacking action came out , hold and hope is not strategy



Entry comments: up pre on news and earnings talks. long term b/o at 1.15 with strong volume, might swing unless it hits pre highs around 1.40

Exit comments: locked in a little gain. keeping 2500 long


($18) Loss
WKHSLong Stock

Key breakout play. Bought this former runner that gap up and made NHOD break. E: NHOD break. Didn't stick to my initial plan to buy above 3. Ex: failed to spike further and the trend reversing.Cut lose quickly L: must always stick to the plan. Never buy in the anticipation of key breakout.


($4) Loss
ACSTLong Stock
($2) Loss
OGENLong Stock

Entry comments: I was waiting for the dip but did not waited long enough and got in a bad position. If it fails would be out with a small loss but plan is for the stock to uptrend another 20 to 30 cents at market open if it can hold that .54 level; after hours there is a lot of interest to prevent the stock to continue to run. would be watching early to see how it reacts.

Exit comments: Got out fast because It was not having the reaction I was expecting, There was no good support in the buying side, plus I had a bad entry that made me really uncomfortable. Really weird not to be able to find any information about the time of the press. Got out with a small loss would be watching to see how it reacts at market open possible re-entry



Bought the Morning Spike Ethereum arbitrage on this new Ethereum ETF. Ethereum was at 52 week highs, while this was near its lows. Illiquid and choppy, so I used a small position. Great trade!


($107) Loss
XSPAShort Stock

beginilah kalau orang maruk. kena squeeze. mikir double top kok di 1 minute chart. mampus

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