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Cut losses, terrible trade, held too long, lessons learned

Posted: May 25, 1:51 PM

Cut losses, huge fail, held way to long, lessons learned

Posted: May 25, 1:50 PM

Entry comments: Bought on good earnings wanted to sell 0.45

Exit comments: Not a liquid stock sold on the bid

Posted: May 25, 12:31 PM

Bought MICT at 1.23 on a dip on a little delayed morning spike. Risk is 1.16. MICT had positive news of record backorders of 11.5m and it had a nice spike in reaction. Im buying on the first dip off the spike for continuation. Sold MICT to cut losses. It gave a lousy attempt to bounce but ultimately failed. Mainly from no volume. Bigger loss than I wanted but its bc my position size was too big. On to the next one!

Posted: May 25, 11:47 AM

Finally able to get out of this FB position. I knew it would go up, another small but noteworthy profit from this FB trading mania I've been sticking with

Posted: May 25, 11:33 AM/

Still playing with this one

Posted: May 25, 10:43 AM

In and out! this one bounced only a sliver after it's morning crash, I tried to execute my sell at .47 but my RBC account locked up so I had to log out and back in, by this time it dipped to .442 where I did get executed finally!

Posted: May 25, 11:21 AM/

Timing was right this time. Shorted 50 shares at 79.50 and another 50 at 79.90 when stock wasn't breaking 18 and in 90s on Stochastic. Stock came down very nicely. I covered 50 shares at 77, and tried to wait for crack of 76 for other 50, but it started to base, so I covered other 50 shares at 76.35. Very happy with this trade!

Posted: May 25, 11:18 AM/

First Win!! Unfortunately, have to hold 5000 shares until tomorrow due to the PDT rule

Posted: May 25, 11:08 AM

GLYCLong StockbySunnyFromNY

Entry comments: Buying in the dip

Posted: May 25, 10:30 AM

bought on pull back and sold on next pull back after the spike

Posted: May 25, 11:37 AM

Tried getting 500 shares at 2.32 but only executed 273 so I cancelled the remaining and sold at the next peak taking profits over 9 mins. No complaints here!

Posted: May 25, 11:15 AM/

Entry comments: As expected in my watchlist, this one is rolling over and I couldn't find shares to short so I go back to my favorite dip buying pattern but with a small position because we didn't get the big panic I wanted, but my goal is to make 20-40 cents/share of upside on the bounce here

Exit comments: Weak bounce, no thanks, not a total surprise though because the panic was so weak, still worth a shot given how solid the pattern is, will do video lesson on this and the Bitcoin plays later today too

Posted: May 25, 9:56 AM/ 1/$

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Small trade off dip

Posted: May 25, 10:01 AM

Entry: Decided to get back in on this as 2.50 has held great support in the past and seems to be holding now. Hoping to get at least somewhat of bounce to test this mornings high of 3.35....... Exit: This stock is craaaazzzyyyy... Just keeps dropping on good news! Dropped under 2.50 so I'm out at 2.48 for a small loss. Good thing cause it dropped all the way down to 1.90. A good lesson to ALWAYS respect the market!

Posted: May 25, 2:11 PM/

had to cut loss, bought on the first pull back but then it dipped

Posted: May 25, 11:35 AM

Entry: Up 0.90 pre market after news of merger with 80yr old reputable company. Morning spike didn't hold, lots of support at 2.63, hoping to dip buy and sell a 2.95 near $3 resistance. Exit: Went up to test 2.70 then dropped quick under 2.63. Cutting losses quickly. Should have been more patient to see if 2.63 was gonna hold. Still feel that I'm getting better on my entry and getting out quickly if it drops under support at all!!

Posted: May 25, 2:00 PM/

same pattern i see as always

Posted: May 25, 9:55 AM/

$PBYI is a higher priced stock in the high 70s. I saw it last night on 52 wk high scan, but took note on 1 year daily chart that in the past 6 days it was up 142% and appeared to be way over extended. Chart showed it was a very volatile stock, so took initial very small 30 share position, then shorted 20 more at the same price. I had set my risk at $100, so exited at 78.95. Lesson here was wait to trade very volatile stocks like this until after 9:45 or 10 when it settles a bit.

Posted: May 25, 11:05 AM/

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