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$0 lossZN_FLong FuturebyTriAlgo

Entry comments: This is a trading signal generated by an Algo. This is not a buy or sell alert recommendation. Educational Algo alert. Trade your own thoughts. Buy signal by Dagger = 125'29.00 (Ten Year Notes = @TYM17).

Exit comments: Surge exiting long position. Or 125'15.0

Posted: Apr 17, 6:02 PM/$

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Got in on the pullback expecting this to test HOD. Could have gotten a better entry at around 3.33. Got the move I was expecting and it went to 3.58 but I got out at 3.52 for a nice quick profit. Didn’t want to hold on too long as I done this on my phone. I shouldn’t have and chased this trade abit so not too happy about that.

Posted: Apr 23, 2:44 PM

Met my expectations, excellent entry and exit.

Posted: Apr 23, 7:17 PM

Multi month B/O. Got in as this was breaking the resistance of 2.10. entered at 2.15 and out at 2.25. Great discipline to not be greedy as this TANKED down to 1.9. I caught the top of the day so little risky

Posted: Apr 23, 2:40 PM
ESShort Futurebyesfuturestrader

Entry comments: Hear me know and believe me later but the gap up today in ES will get filled, probably sooner rather than later.

Posted: Apr 23, 7:11 PM

Horrible Entry on open. Waited the day to see if this would work. Set stop loss trigger at 2.51.

Posted: Apr 22, 1:09 AM/

Entry Comments:Tested 4.60 3 times over the day, forming an ascending wedge but also the last two tests of 4.60 formed a U-shape pattern. Didn't get filled until 4.6299. Exit Comments: Used 5 min candle, dragged stop up to 1 cent below each previously completed candle's low. It hit high of 4.77, before running out of steam and taking out my stop. That happened to be the top so I'm happy with the trade.

Posted: Apr 22, 8:17 AM/

Was RIGHT ON but a bit too early. Intraday volume spike that fell .40 off the high. Looked for a quick bounce position. Bought alittle too early. Cut it as it was bearish Past my cut point but it ended up bouncing off 2.9 and pushing to a new high of day. Which would've been 15%+. Just ALITLE more patience

Posted: Apr 23, 4:34 PM/

Big loss here. bought on a breakout in very limited wifi, and when i got back to internet it had plummeted. stupid.

Posted: Apr 23, 11:49 PM/

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