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Posted: Jun 29, 3:15 AM/

Attempted new strategy and the stock didn't want to dance to my tune so cut loss quickly

Posted: Jun 29, 2:43 AM/

I put stop limits due to travel and when I regained cell service it was a lot higher. No complaints of a green play

Posted: Jun 29, 2:42 AM/

I cut the profit quicker than I wanted due to travel but it was green

Posted: Jun 29, 2:41 AM/

Classic Short bad entry then trying to leverage up

Posted: Jun 29, 2:31 AM/

I bought 6 times leveraging my first trade down and the volume was there for days. Sold right near the top of the morning spike.

Posted: Jun 29, 2:30 AM/

I missed my planned entry and exited before it dropped into the 1.90's, good thing my Boss lets me trade at work (as long as I do my job).

Posted: Jun 29, 1:11 AM/

IMMNFLong Stockbynfuniciello

Entry comments: Entry- Was watching this stock all day after a hard drop yesterday. It was holding trend well, but cracked late day. Wasnt going to play, but I saw massive volume come in and it reclaimed.06 multiday breakout. Missed my entry, but actually got filled after 4pm at .061. I think this stock can bounce, but I am really looking for an AM gap up to .065-.07 for a 6%-10%gain bc my spreadsheets show OTC stocks like this gapping up. Hopefully I get a gap up, but if not risk is lower open or .055.

Posted: Jun 28, 4:05 PM/ 1

a quicky in and out. but glad I could pick a piece of the pie as well, because I forgot to hit buy at 1.5 !!!

Posted: Jun 28, 4:00 PM
MOSYLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Rebought 800 shares of MOSY at 2.325. Risk is uprtrend that it is still holding. its right around 2.10ish. Goal is to sell into a morning spike. This stock has held todays gains all day and is closing right near supernova highs at 2.30. I think tomorrow morning it squeezes to 2.60 maybe farther depending on volume. Lots of big spikers and this one could do it again.

Posted: Jun 28, 3:50 PM
RVPLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 1500 shares of RVP at 1.29. Risk is 1.25. Speculative buy with the goal that it spikes tomorrow morning. Not a great history of spiking, but it broke 1.25 and now has a gap to fill to 2. Idk if it will get there but I think its good odds. Lower float play that has good volume today and if it follows up with that tomorrow it could spike well. We will see!! Gap plays can be pretty reliable if it holds the b/o level.

Posted: Jun 28, 3:52 PM

Looking for the bounce off of the r/g and 20ema for a late day push to VWAP. Did not follow through after 1st target hit

Posted: Jun 29, 12:55 AM/

SPEXLong Stockbymahmudf1

Entry comments: Going overnight on this. Getting closer to 52-week breakout. lets see what it does.

Posted: Jun 28, 3:29 PM

Entry comments: Dip buying this stock as it hits a low of 0.361 which should serve as a good support level. Will be happy with 10-15%.

Exit comments: Having caught the exact bottom of the day, I decided to hold to see where it would go. As of ~3PM, it was having a hard time getting through that 0.4 level, so I decided to take my profit. Met the goals, overall good trade after having a bunch of crappy ones.

Posted: Jun 28, 11:09 AM

Entry comments: Recent news - Company valuation, recent history of spiking

Exit comments: Bought on SEC filing spiking friday afternoon. Monday gap up, spiked to .028 from previous days open of .003, 7x your money in one day. I bought this with unsettled funds and had to wait three days for funds to clear. On the third day SBFM started to fade, no spike. Got out with 75% gain, whether it gaps up or down tomorrow, I am thrilled with 75% gain.

Posted: Jun 26, 12:17 PM

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