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$16 Profit
SNCALong Stock

Entry comments: ===big pm gap up / big volume / mdH b/o====== 11:31 - bought 850x @2,4008 (2,40+fees) Bought when the uptrend broke the 2,39 resistance.

Exit comments: 11:33 - sold 850x @2,4192 (2,42-fees) Put a hard stop to get a green trade. Should had take the risk to lose de fees; could had easily sell at 2,50 (resistance) for a potential 87$ profit. At least it's green


($17) Loss
CLSDLong Stock

Entry comments: ===former runner / recent spiker / mdH b/o===== 10:28 - bought 890x @2,4008 (2,40+fees) Nice morning uptrend. Consolidating around 2,79. Bought the b/o

Exit comments: 10:35 - sold 890x @2,7791 (2,78-fees) No b/o but no crack. Put a hard stop to cut my loss quickly. Got exited. [the good time to buy was 11:08… Potential 109$ (4,9%) profit]


$6 Profit
TTNPLong Stock


This was a nail biter, chased 3 cents above my first entry, second one for the HOD I got. I was hoping this would go further, its still early but I didn't want to hold and find out. I had 2 separate entries and exits I'm avging the 2.


Entry comments: ===big pm gap up / big volume / mdH b/o====== 10:07 - bought 850x @1,9509 (1,95+fees) Bought the 1,95 resistance b/o.

Exit comments: 10:15 - sold 850x @2,5418 (2,5427-fees) Updated my stop loss with the upgoing price. Got exited. Better exit would have been at 2,70 (potential 636$ profit or 38%....)


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