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$19 profitJ7U17Long FuturebyNavi

Yen shit itself down to low support area, bought looking for bounce with minimal risk. No bounce, closed out and reassess

Posted: Jun 26, 5:07 PM/

AVEOLong Stockbycyrus6

Entry comments: Going to see if there is another morning spike or gap up. Planning to sell into that.

Posted: Jun 26, 5:02 PM

MOSYLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 700 shares of MOSY right before the close. Risk is 2.00. This recent supernova somehow keeps creeping higher and higher back to its nova highs. Today is up a little but closing at its highs. Its only had two big spikes and I think 1 more is coming. Low float play that could squeeze back to 2.60. I think tomorrow could be the day. It will need big volume to push through 2.20 but I think it can. If it fails Im out.

Posted: Jun 26, 3:58 PM
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