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-$1 Loss
NVDALong Stock

Day. Just jumped in AH & shouldn't have. Don't want to hold overnight!


-$522 Loss
GMELong Option

Entry comments: quick

Exit comments: Held way to long


-$102 Loss
SCNILong Stock

Entry comments: 6:am this morning

Exit comments: cut



Entry comments: Quick 3:59 PM Buy

Exit comments: after hours Taking Profit


$136 Profit
NXLLong Stock

Solid win on this AH mover that broke above last Thursdays high of 1.5 and hit 1.8. Then held up and showed support at 1.45. Bought in when it started making a higher low, giving me confidence that a NHOD was possible. Kept position size relatively small to manage risk. Sold as soon as it hit NHOD. Had a good bit of sellers as it moved up making me think it would hit a new high then start moving down. Was a great read on my part because it faded back as I thought, just after I sold.


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