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Alert from SuperTrades. New on contracts. Exit near 15.



Entry comments: Dip bought this recent multiday winner into panic, definitely won't hold overnight but this should bounce 5-10%, small $ position due to risk

Exit comments: Whewwww, wasn't sure if I should be aggressive or not but I was given the market and now I'm rewarded, don't try this in all markets, but right now OTCs are hotttttt...coming up on resistance in the .0177s so I'll lock this in safely, will do video recap of my end of the week trades/lessons this weekend


-$7 Loss
SHIPLong Stock

Chasing former runner; Fri afternoon short squeeze; late entry so cut loss quickly


$62 Profit
CBDDLong Stock

Panic dip buy late day and selling quick into the bounce.



Good trade. Watched and traded this stock throughout the year so knew the probability of getting FDA approval was high. My buy was on the high side as i got FOMO. Gave it most of the day to really break out which never happened. Happy with the sell as i did not want to hold for monday. Will buy again if it drops enough.


-$23 Loss
PPSILong Stock

wasn't really a great setup, was only buying because it was near an area with a lot of support so i figured it was low risk but couldn't get my order in quick enough so i had to keep changing it lower and lower and lost more than i should have


-$16 Loss
SNDLLong Stock

Buying late day dip stop was down from this morning starting to go back up. Hitting lots of resistance and not going anywhere. Started to go back down so I cut my loss.


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