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$95 profitAMZNLong Optionbyvan21

winning position turned into loss because of greed

Posted: Feb 18, 3:49 AM/

Bought this stock back in December when I didn't think I would end up day trading and thought I would only hang on to this and add to my position. Decided to sell because of stock fluctuation and this is a stock I can buy and sell many times over.

Posted: Feb 18, 1:56 PM/

Didn't like the price action on this dip buy so got out quickly.

Posted: Feb 19, 1:24 PM/
0/0 Dip buy and exit at top area per volume patterns and doji.

Posted: Feb 19, 8:09 AM/

playing on hope. had a winning position turned into a loss

Posted: Feb 18, 3:48 AM/

After shorting this stock I took a long position with my small account. Actually missed my exit at .65 (I was reading emails. lol), and got out on the way down. This is just good practice. Small steady profits, help grow small accounts.

Posted: Feb 18, 11:15 AM/

$4 profitGNCShort StockbyPalmer Short entry and bad fill on 3K order here. This would have been a good win...oh well.

Posted: Feb 19, 8:12 AM/

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