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-$8 Loss
SOUNLong Stock

Bought after hours due to fact Nvidia stock doing great after earning and stock split announcement, had this as sympathy pay, then Ellis bought, so this confirmed by thesis and I did my first overnight play, didn’t happen pm or on open.



Entry comments: dip buy just before the open as we got max panic off the big spike earlier, goal is to sell in the .70s or .80s on a bounce near the open, small $ position but good risk/reward down here as previewed in chat

Exit comments: Nice little winner here, not gonna get greedy since it moves so fast, but solid dip buy and sell into strength, singles add up!


$70 Profit
ASTILong Stock

Happy with the profit

-$124 Loss
ASNSLong Stock

Way to intense. Eventually spiked up to .78 for a split second but also dipped down below .64 for a second too.


Entry comments: Partial fill on this big premarket psiekr with news, low float os it can really run, goal is to sell into new highs above premarket highs in the 2.20s, could be fast, cut losses if it can't breakout

Exit comments: Out for small profits as it can't break to new highs and I'm just not gonna be aggressive until these plays prove more...small profits or even small losses are fine when the play doesn't do what you want


$21 Profit
ONMDLong Stock

This one I was more confident in, should have sized up, but also played it too safe. I wanted in at 1.11 but Etrade is so slow trying to input the numbers. Got in and felt confident in 10%. As it was nearing 15% I was thinking that it could plummet and take profits b/c it was struggling, and then as soon as I sold, it skyrocketed again. Should have been more patient. It certainly felt longer than 6 min waiting. Happy with trade that went according to plan.


-$4 Loss
GWAVLong Stock

Yes, I chased it from Jack Kellog’s alert. Should’ve sold it around 7pm (Central). I eld on due to catalyst and late evening price run. It did not deliver.


$81 Profit
ONMDLong Stock

Why? Stock showed up on screen with over 100% increase in price overnight. Catalyst is news about expansion of it's iRWD network & it's Healthcare stock. Stair stepper pattern. Stock is a previous spiker. Plan is to get in around $1.00 and out between $1.50 and $2.00. Decided to take profits at 30% and wait for next breakout. If it breaks above 1.70 it could go to $2


$2 Profit
BNEDLong Option

I saw the rack This one spiked multiple times, but I wasn’t able to get the order filled so I just got out of it this morning.


$299 Profit
QCOMLong Option

Entry comments: Monthly money flow based on positive movement, earnings, and good news.

Exit comments: This one came through beautifully on NVDA earnings.


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