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$23 Profit
BIMILong Stock

What a trade, unfortunately I just had an equity balance to buy 10 shares...



Watched this all day. Each time I was going to make a trade on a small dip or consolidation, I hesitated only to watch it run. Finally got the nerve to dip buy in the afternoon for a nice little profit. I could've held after hours for more, but didn't want to get greedy. Happy with the trade.


Open Trade
SPNVLong Stock

Entry comments: Taking position in the OTC energy stock thats been consolidating above VWAP and PHOD all day. With the energy sector heating up. LF runners like SES, BIMI, YUMA, IPWR all running strong today, I'm looking for a potential gap up tomorrow if the rest of the sector continues to ROAR.



Got the FOMO and missed selling at a better point.


($160) Loss
SPYLong Option

Loser trade, loss well taken. Should have taken it earlier but still, good job keeping it small. Also, good job not letting a day trade turn into a swing trade, the SPY is real choppy. Good entry, following my system but outside morning hours. This trade went well, smooth, no real surprises even if it turned against me. Keep following your system right out of the gate.

$60 Profit
BIMILong Stock

Crazy spiker started at 1.55. Looking for swing but scared out by consolidation.


$38 Profit
BIMILong Stock

Entry comments: ====big volume (1000x usual) / breaking multiday high=== 13:42 - bought 33 shares @7.59$ (+5$ fee = 7.7415$) Re-Bought this big runner of the day since it didn't seem to want to break.

Exit comments: 14:11 - sold 33 shares @9,04$ (-5$ fee = 8,8885$) Sold when the price began to dip.


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