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($44) Loss
TLSALong Stock

Entry comments: Day. Hot Sector: China Virus, News: treatment. Morning Gap/Crap B/O above VWAP & HOD. didn't materialize. Waited for Mid-day Dip/Rip B/O above VWAP, RISK: LOD 3.14, TGT: 10-12% 3.72-3.76.

Exit comments: Entered on red candle not letting it play out longer even though it hit the time of 1130. Need to wait and see if more GRN candles form if not before hand. Waiting would have showed stock not recovering & volume drying up.


($12) Loss
PREDLong Stock

Saw a spike at EOD and bought on slight dip as thought it could get volume and test HOD and multi day B/O. Never got any follow through so sold for slight loss. Prob a little too speculative without enough confirmation signals.


$48 Profit
ICDLong Stock

ICD oil drilling company - company’s first Green Day. By far not a real late day spike, but took a position and took my quick profits. SEC-filling in the morning and press release later on the day. Thanks STT. Top % gainers scan with news.


Terrible trade, all my watch list did fuck all. Saw a tweet from a reputable investor saw it could spike to resistance from COVID testing news. STOP TRADING MIDDAY. STOP following dickhead pumpers. Account back down again need to revise on the weekend and stick to my guns!

$0 Profit
CYDYLong Stock

Buy b/o after morning consolidation; CV19 treatment news; sell when failed to run in expected time


$240 Profit
SPYLong Option
($29) Loss
ASTCLong Stock

Buy b/o after consolidation from mid-day spike; new website live news; fakeout so cut loss but not as quickly as I should


$16 Profit
BIOCLong Stock

Buy premarket on breaking news of CV19 treatment patent news; sell into strength


($11) Loss
PSTILong Stock

Brought 40 shares of PSTI @ 7.44, trying a new pattern. Was looking for it to hold VWAP and spike up, potentially retesting the HOD. Held for a bit but then it began breaking down, broke past VWAP. Decided it wasn't fitting the pattern so sold @ 7.17 for a $10 loss


$4 Profit
MFALong Stock
of 204,089
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