Received 8 Karmas
BowlesTrader5 Jan 18, 16 7:22 PM

Awesome and very true, that is how I plan on hopefully doubling my account this month

0SethMcClain89 Jan 18, 16 10:34 PM

@BowlesTrader5 best of luck tomorrow! Tim's watchlist is is current same as mine, but im not going to be at all agressive unless its one of the most active premarket. The pattern lately is that old spikers arent the best plays since new ones are always showing up.

0SethMcClain89 Jan 18, 16 10:35 PM

man my keyboard sucks. Keep mispelling things haha

BowlesTrader5 Jan 19, 16 10:51 AM

@SethMcClain Thanks. I had my first day this morning and made $244 ON $AEZS

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