sarang96 Jul 05, 16 1:35 AM

are you a short seller or long ? If you are short seller and dont have 30000 just go with IB , but if you have 30000 and want to short go with centerpoint security , if you are long trader go with speedtraderbecause they have better execution for OTC

TsantsaTrader Jul 05, 16 10:49 AM

By the way, according to their website, Centerpoint has upped their minimum to $50,000.

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Ev0lution on: May 08, 16 12:05 PM

@SBHall765 Congrats on all your success this year I really look up to you it's something I have wanted to become for almost a decade that's why I keep losing and losing yet never give up. Also thank you for the transparency it helps show people this is possible. I will be back when you hit a mil!

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