Welcome! I considered myself an "occasional trader" throughout 2014 and prior. No longer trading, but happy to share any of my experience, successes, failures, whatever with anyone who has questions. Just post something below and I'll do my best to reply.

calebthomas1 Dec 08, 14 2:27 PM

im 18 and new to this.... where do i actually buy and sell the stocks??

adamstiska Dec 13, 14 2:22 PM

You can use any number of brokers, E-Trade, Ameritrade, etc. if you're new, I'd recommend taking time to learn from long-time traders. You'll make mistakes, believe me. But, finding out the most best risks, when to buy and sell and (often overlooked) when to do nothing and not force trades.

Alice Mar 31, 15 8:46 AM

why did you stop?

adamstiska Apr 28, 15 8:02 PM

@Alice - any number of reasons: stressing over positions was the biggest, tho. Plus, I noticed I was loosing some discipline in my trading, because I started not to care about gains nor losses.. Burnout can be a killer.

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